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Trigger Point Foam Roller Review: The Grid

Trigger Point The Grid Foam Roller Review

In this article I provide an honest yet extensive review of Trigger Point The Grid foam roller. Initially I believed that the use of foam rollers in general were a gimmick and I didn’t see any real use to them.

Today with my years of experience I have discovered the true benefits of using muscle foam rollers. This happened due to my own personal injuries along with muscle imbalances that caused pain and weakness. Now I use foam rollers on a regular basis and have introduced them to my clients. Not all muscle foam rollers are made equal and here I look into the detail the best foam roller: Trigger Point The Grid.

Trigger Point The Grid

AVERAGE CUSTOMER RATING: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Trigger Point The Grid foam roller is not your average foam roller, in fact it is prescribed by fitness professionals as one of the best foam rollers available. Trigger Point are now becoming more popular among the fitness industry, especially those that seek self massaging solutions.

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Why Self Massage?

The sole purpose of using a muscle foam roller is for self-myofascial release. Self-myofascial release is a fancy term for self-massage to release muscle tightness or trigger points.

These are the benefits of using a muscle foam roller:

  1. Increase blood flow – better range of movement and decreased chance of muscle injury
  2. Help alleviate tight muscles
  3. Help remove knots
  4. Remove lactic acid build up (after workout)
  5. Increased flexibility



  • Deep Tissue Massage: The ridges and patterns play a massive role for delivering a good deep massage. It is exceptional at getting into areas that are very difficult.
  • Durable and Sturdy: Feels extremely sturdy and at the same time does not feel hard that it is piercing into your muscles when foam rolling.
  • Good Pain: You get great pain sensation when using the the grid foam roller.
  • Great Size for Travel: This particular Trigger Point foam roller is an ideal size to put in a suitcase to or backpack to travel with.
  • Perfect Size for Muscle Rolling: The Grid is made at a size that allows you to focus on rolling certain areas of the body that is not possible with conventional foam rollers.


  • Fairly Pricy: For a foam roller, the Trigger Point The Grid Foam roller is valued a little high in price. However you pay want you get for, which is a high quality foam roller that will last for years to come.

Trigger Point The Grid Specification

 The Grid Foam Roller
Average Customer
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Firmness4.5 out of 5 stars
Effectiveness5 out of 5 stars
Deep Tissue
4.5 out of 5 stars
Travel FriendlyYES
Maximum Weight It
Can Withstand(kg)
Dimensions (cm)Height 33cm
Diameter 14cm
Foam Roller
Weight (kg)
Price>>Check Price<<

Trigger Point Performance’s Story

Trigger Point Performance was  founded by a man called Cassidy Phillips. Through his substantial research he felt there was a void in the home care therapy. There were plenty of therapy treatments within a hospital clinics, therapy suites etc.

These gave little empowerment for people to help themselves. “This is why Phillips decided to work directly with those in need: athletes and non-athletes in pain.”

The result of his research is a line of patented products called Trigger Point Technologies (TPT) that mirror, as close as possible, the feeling of the human hand.

Design & Construction

Upon purchase of the Trigger Point Foam Roller, it came in a see-through shrink wrap with decorative packaging sleeve. This muscle foam roller by Trigger Point Performance did not come packaged in anything spectacular.

Trigger Point Foam Roller Unwrapped

It is good to see Trigger Point Performance’s intension as a committed manufacture which is to provide excellent products and not charge consumers extra for flashy packaging.

Don’t you just hate it when companies overcharge for products due to them spending tonnes of money on packaging alone. On the contrary it would be nice to have The Grid foam roller come packaged in some sort of box instead of just shrink wrap.

Trigger Point The Grid Packaging

Unique Character Designs

Out of the box comes a vibrant coloured highly manufactured muscle foam roller. As you can see I purchased the Lime
colour but this particular Trigger Point roller also comes in Orange, Pink, Camouflage and Black. In all of The Grid foam rollers have Trigger Point Performance’s logo attached.


Trigger Point foam roller comes packed with different densities to provide different type of massage. The unique patterns give you an experience similar to human hands.

I have had many manages in my time and there is nothing like it. The human hands are delicate, powerful and accurate which provides a deep tissue massage. However massages are expensive and foam rollers allow you to self-massage whenever you have the time unlike therapy.

Trigger Point The Grid foam roller replicates as must as it is possible as the human hand. Of course it can never feel exactly the same but the multi-density patterns of the foam roller massages extremely well.

EVA Foam

EVA Foam is a polymer that feels “rubber-like” in terms of softness and flexibility. However this particular polymer can with stand extreme high temperatures and extreme low temperatures without losing its shape. The Trigger Point foam roller is also stress-scratch resistance, waterproof and resistance to UV radiation.

This makes The Grid foam roller a highly robust muscle foam roller. Unlike conventional foam rollers due to The Grid’s advanced EVA foam material it does not lose shape easily.

Hard Hollow Core

In addition the foam made from an impressive EVA foam material. The hard hollow core is made from a highly strong plastic. I could not find out the exact material used for the hollow core but I do know it is made from a very tough plastic.

Trigger Point The Grid's Hard Hollow Core
Trigger Point The Grid’s Hard Hollow Core

In fact we put the Trigger Point foam roller to the test. I don’t weight heavy myself so I got some of my friends to give it ago. I got one of my friend who weighs over 100kg and is 6ft tall.

You will be pleased to know that the hard hollow core only just bout compressed in shape. I did he ask my friend to really apply as must force as possible. My second mate was weighed around 90kg but was only 5ft 9. So it was fair to say he was a big lad.

When my second mate used The Grid roller the hard hollow core did not change in shape. The Trigger Point foam roller demonstrated that it was extremely strong and that it can used vigorously without deformity.

Trigger Point Performance claims that The Grid form roller can support weights up to 225kg that is a 500 lb man. Sadly U do not know a man or woman of that weight.

Precision Massage and Convenient 

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The patterns and different densities of The Grid roller helps create that precision massage. Conventional foam rollers are either patternless or have some sort of groove.

Instead of massaging your back most conventional foam rollers just feels like something is digging into your back which is very uncomfortable.

Also the height (33cm) of the Trigger Point foam roller makes it perfect for hitting those hard to reach areas. The size also makes it great companion to travel with. Imagine even on holidays you will have some time to foam roll.

The Grid Foam Roller in comparison to a regular 4 pint milk bottle
The Grid Foam Roller in comparison to a regular 4 pint milk bottle

Muscle Foam Roller Results

In comparison to other muscle foam rollers, The Grid is so much better. Trigger Therapy The Grid foam roller is ahead of its competitors. The Grid and perhaps the Rumble Roller are the best foam rollers available.

The Rumble Roller packs a hefty wallop. This foam definitely harder on your muscle tissues which make it unbearable for people who have very little muscle mass on their body frames. Trigger Point foam roller works well for all, which delivers deep tissue massage which most important for flushing blood into a given area.


The Grid foam roller isn’t just an ideal muscle foam roller, due to its hard hollow core it can be used to perform various exercises. The best exercises other than foam roller exercises are ab and core exercises.

Do remember that if you are purchasing a foam roller to help massage your back to alleviate back pain is great. But implementing ab and core exercises daily/weekly will help strengthen your back and improve its overall functionality.

Final Thoughts

Trigger Point The Grid foam roller is a remarkable muscle foam roller. It gives you precise and deep tissue massage. I myself have been using foam rollers for a couple of years now due to previous muscle imbalances.

To be specific I had anterior tilt or also known as pelvic tilt. Certain muscles of mine such my glutes and hip flexors (abductors) were weak due to previous back injuries. To shorten the story I used the foam roller to flush these areas with blood. At the gym I also isolated the muscles to strengthen them.

Foam rolling allowed me to develop that muscle mind connection in my weaker muscles. Over the years however I have been using various types of foam rollers. In the beginning I thought they did not work, mainly due to the rubbish the ones that I was using in gyms.

I owned many foam rollers and the majority did not last very long. The foam deformed in shape and became useless within months. Also some of the ones that I used did not provide enough toughness to deliver a massaging experience and some were too tough that it hurt (Not the good hurt).

Trigger Point The Grid Foam Roller - The best foam roller available
Trigger Point The Grid Foam Roller – The best foam roller available

All of the foam rollers I have previously used except The Grid could not massage those hard to reach areas. It was only about 6 months ago that I came across Trigger Point Performance’s The Grid. I have never looked back since and urge those that want to spend a little extra to buy a quality foam roller then look no further.

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