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How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Sequel To The ‘How To Lose Belly Fat’ Post

This article follows on from the How To Lose Your Belly Fat which will help you lose your stomach fat quickly with more advanced information. Please read the article above before reading the rest of this article. You will learn 7 tips that will instantly help shred that belly fat and you will also discover how much you need to eat in order to lose fat (calories) from the previous article.

How To Lose Belly Fat – Series 1

From the ‘How To Lose Your Belly Fat’ article you should familiarise yourself with 7 tips to losing your belly fat:

  1. Reduce Your Portion Size for Every Meal That You Eat
  2. Spread Out Your Meals Evenly Throughout The Day
  3. Try and Have 4-6 meals a Day 
  4. Eat Till You Are Satisfied – NOT Full
  5. Do Not Sleep On An Empty Stomach 
  6. Increase Your Activity Through Out Your Day 
  7. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Let us get down to business. You should already know how to lose your belly fat but maybe there is still some stubborn fat that does not seem to go? And is there such thing as spot reduction?

One of the popular questions that thousands of people a day are googling all over the internet is for exercises that help can you lose belly fat. First and foremost this is a search query in the quest for exercises that spot reduce fat, in this case it’s spot reduction in belly fat.

We must clarify that unfortunately there are no exercises out there that spot reduce fat. Fat loss, specifically in the gut and waist is mainly achieved by your diet. The great news is spot reduction does exist and be achieved by everyone which we will address.

Exercises To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Exercise does help one lose fat and with consistency will also help one lose belly fat. Exercising is a piece of the puzzle to losing stomach fat but cannot be used indefinitely to lose belly fat quickly and optimally.

The purpose of exercise is to build or strengthen muscles and also to burns calories during the exercise activity.

Interesting fact about muscle and losing fat

The more muscle you have on your body frame the more calories your body will burn naturally. Therefore if you build muscle you are consequently making your body better at burning more calories, which if manipulated right with diet will ensure you lose body fat quickly.

In terms of good exercise to aid in fat loss, one should always incorporate big compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts and lunges. These exercises recruit multiple muscles groups which help you build more muscle and burn more calories during and after exercise.

Unlike aerobic exercises which allows one to burn calories during activity, resistance training can help you burn calories long after your workout. This can only be achieved by including big compound lifts and training close to or to failure.

In addition to weight training or aerobic exercises one should train their core and abdominals (abs). Abs and core exercises are excellent for maintaining a healthy body and creates an aesthetic look. Strengthening your core will improve your posture and reduce the likelihood of back pain in the future. For that aesthetic look, your abs will only be revealed when the layer of belly fat is low enough which is usually 10-12% body fat.

How To Lose Belly Fat Quickly – Spot Reduction

Lose belly fat – spot reduction

The best way to lose belly fat quickly is to control your insulin release. By not controlling the way insulin is secreted into your body you are potentially creating havoc to your body. This is also why you have a fat belly and have love handles. What is insulin and why does it get released into our body? Insulin is a natural occurring hormone that is released by the pancreas. Insulin allows your body to use up glucose (sugar) from carbohydrates that you eat, to convert into energy or to store for future use.

If energy is stored for future use this means you body will store it as fat hence gaining weight.

So to simplify this, insulin is released when you eat carbohydrates (rice, potato, bread etc). Now when you eat too much carbohydrates or high sugary foods you get an insulin spike which isn’t good for fat loss. Insulin spike means a higher secretion of insulin than usual and it happens because you have eaten too much.

What triggers an insulin spike?

  1. Eating too much food at once – people assume its to do with eating too much carbohydrates which is a big factor, but insulin spikes also happens when you eat too much protein in one meal.
  2. Eating too much carbohydrates in one go.
  3. Eating too much sugary foods (cakes, biscuits, sweets etc.) or drinking too many sugary drinks.
  4. Drinking too much beer.
  5. Consuming to much junk food (takeaways, McDonalds, KFC etc.)

How do you know if you have triggered an insulin spike?

Here are two symptoms to be aware of that your insulin has spiked after your meal.

  1. Feeling a surge of energy then followed by tiredness or sleepiness after your meal (sugar crash).
  2. Feeling tired or sleepy without the energy rush.
  3. Feeling bloated after eating your meal (Usually within 10 minutes – 1 hour after your meal).

What does an insulin spike actually mean?

By having an insulin spike all the cells of your entire body including your muscles and organs become more absorbent. They are more receptive to take in glucose to use for energy or to store for later. Your body becomes like a sponge during an insulin spike. If you eat during your insulin spike all the food will be converted as body fat. This is generally how the majority of population put on weight and fat in the midsection area.

Insulin spike the good and bad

Having an insulin spike is good and bad for your body. You should only aim to have a insulin spike after your workouts as your body has depleted its energy source and loss of nutrients. During an insulin spike your muscles become more absorbent which is ideal when taking nutrients from post workout meal, this ensures they recover optimally.

There should be no excuse otherwise to have an insulin spike. Avoid getting an insulin spike completely. If your body spikes insulin on a regular basis then your body becomes a fat gaining machine. Furthermore if you have elevated levels of insulin for too long then you may develop insulin resistance. This means that you body no longer responds properly to insulin, which then becomes a serious issue.

Insulin resistance symptoms

The symptoms of insulin resistance is very similar to having insulin spikes but differ:

  • Feeling tired or sleepy after you eat.
  • Bloated after your meal.
  • Brain fog – finding it hard to focus or concentrate.
  • Hair loss – which is linked to insulin resistance, which is more common in men.

When your body becomes insulin resistant you are likely to be obese, gain weight easily around belly and waist and this condition can also lead to type 2 diabetes.

How to prevent an insulin spikes to lose belly fat

So to control your insulin or better put, to maintain healthy insulin levels in the body one must eat more low glycaemic index foods. What is glycaemic index? NHS’ Interpretation.

  1. Add more low GI foods to your diet.
  2. Eat fruits in moderation – Do not eat too many fruits in one go, spread them throughout the day.
  3. Add some sort of exercise into your weekly routine.
  4. Reduce portion size of meals – if too large and it causes you to bloat afterwards.

Glycaemic Index Foods Chart

Follow the link below and see what foods are rated low, moderate and high GI on the chart. This chart can enable to make better informed decision for food selection. Please note that we are suggesting that one should avoid high GI foods but eat less of them. When eating high GI foods split/reduce the portion to avoid creating an insulin spike.

Glycaemic Index Food Chart

Top 8 Tips To Lose Belly Fat Fast

1. Eat more complex carbohydrates

Eat complex carbs to lose belly fat quickly

Complex carbs are great source of food which stablises insulin levels and keeps you full for longer. Complexed carbs are low glycaemic index (GI) food which keep blood sugar levels steady.

2. Avoid or reduce eating sugary foods

Avoid eating sugary foods

Sugary foods such as cakes, biscuits. Fruits and juice included. Not to say to stop eating fruits but avoid eating too much in one go. For instance split your banana portion in half and eat the other an hour later (Avoiding sugary foods instantly help people lose their fat bellies fast).

3. Reduce carbohydrates

Reduce the amount of carbs you are currently eating – if eating healthier is difficult at first then try reducing your portion size then slowly introduce some healthier foods. Do not cut carbohydrates completely from your diet as it is essential for the body to use as energy but in general the majority of the population eat too much.

4. Consume less calories

Eat less calories to lose fat

Consume less calories that what your body needs will enable you to lose body fat all around including losing fat on your stomach. Click here to find out how many calories your body needs minimum and how eat the right amount of calories to shred fat.

5. Exercise to increase activity

Exercise to remain healthy and to burn calories

Exercise is your best friend and it is one thing the media has not exaggerated about its health benefits. Try to walk some of your journey to and from work and also take the stairs instead of using the lift. Stay motivated by joining a gym and taking part in group exercises or better yet get involved in a particular sport like, tennis, football or swimming etc.

6. Avoid the use of plastic containers

Avoid using plastic containers, lunch boxes and cups

Avoid using plastic material cups, bowls, cutlery and lunch boxes – These plastics can increase estrogen levels in the body which is also linked to gaining belly fat (BPA Free plastic is OK).

7. High training intensity

Train at an intense level to force your body to burn additional calories after your workout

Train hard as this will push your body to burn calories even after your workout. When you push yourself to the point of failure you not only recruit more muscle fibres but you engage your central nervous system. This phenomenon enables the body to burn calories during the course of your day post workout.

8. Eat your greens and fruits

Eat your fruits and vegetables to lose stomach fat

Eating vegetables and fruits provides your body with essential vitamins which will help the body function optimally. This in turn helps you lose belly fat but remember not to eat too many fruits in one go.

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