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Best Protein Powders For Building Muscle


Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that people who eat more protein have significantly more lean muscle mass. Sedentary people that have more protein in their diets have more muscle mass than sedentary people that have less protein in their diets.

Protein is essential for muscle growth and that is essentially why protein powders have been invented. So what is the best protein powder? We will discuss this later on.

muscle protein shake
muscle and protein shake

Protein for Muscle Growth

Protein is essential for muscle growth, better brain function, stronger tendons and improved bone density. Consuming enough protein in your diet will promote healthier way of life.

Protein however is not a miracle worker. If u eat protein it does not mean you automatically put on muscle. Let’s say we compare two identical twins for example.

Identical twins, pretty much share the same DNA. If they both live exactly the same lifestyles but one eats more protein than the other then the one that eats more protein will to have more lean muscle mass.

By eating more protein you are increasing the potential of gaining muscle mass. Now if you are resistance training and consuming extra protein then your muscles will grow.

The average individual however should not eat too much protein but for active individuals you will need more protein to recover and if you want to build muscle it will help you recover and rebuild bigger and stronger muscles.

Protein Powders for

Protein shakes are just another source of protein just like eating eggs, chicken and fish etc. In all honesty most active individuals do not eat enough protein. Therefore consuming a protein shake provides these active individuals with adequate amount of protein in their diets. Having enough protein in one’s diet is required to recover and build muscles.

If your goal is to build muscle then selecting the right protein powder is essential. Eating enough protein combined with a good training regime will allow you to achieve your fitness goals.

Benefits of Protein Shakes

If you are into fitness the ultimate question that everyone, at some point in their lives, ask themselves is: “do protein shakes work?”

The answer is absolutely! Protein shakes do work. In the last twenty years the development of protein powders have evolved greatly in terms of quality and popularity.

Everyone into fitness are raving about protein shakes and their muscle repairing benefits that they bring to your training.

Protein shake and muscle growth

The biggest factors that makes proteins shakes so popular other than their health benefits is that they are convenient and they are affordable.

Protein powders help you recover from your exercise and allows you to build stronger muscles for your next training session.

Protein Powders vs Food

If I had all the money in the world and I had a personal chef by my side at all times, then I would never have to drink protein shakes (exception of maybe whey protein). I would rather eat lean gourmet meals multiple times a day.

The fact of matter is who has the time to always prepare meals prior and post workout? And who actually has the money to eat such lean high quality meat all the time?

Food high in protein are far from cheap. Chicken breast, fish, steak and lamb etc are remarkable foods to get your protein from but for most of us it isn’t applicable to eat those type of foods for every meal.

High protein foods

Can you imagine packing some steak in your gym bag to eat straight after a workout?

The invention of protein powders have made the fitness industry millions and its because they are convenient, powerful and they do the job of almost replacing complete meals.

But do not use protein powders as meal replacements. Protein shakes are called supplements for a reason as they are seen as an added bonus in conjunction with your meals.

Best Protein Powder For Muscle Mass

What is the best protein powder? The true answer to this question is: it depends on your personal fitness goal as that will determine the best protein powder that you require.

For the most part, majority of public will benefit best with whey protein the world’s favourite protein powder due to its high quality and fast absorption.

Different Types of Protein Powders

Let us of explore the different types of protein powders available and discover what is most relevant for your fitness needs.

Do remember people have different dietary needs and that is the reason why there are many protein powders available to choose from.

Whey Protein

Whey protein
Whey protein seen as the best protein powder by professional athletes

Whey protein is by far the most popular protein powder out there and is regarded as the best for builders and all fitness. In simple terms whey is made naturally and is actually derived from milk.

Whey protein is the best protein powder available. The main reason is due to the enhanced processing that goes on in creating this type of protein powder. A high protein based shake is what can be referred to when talking about whey.

Per gram of protein per gram of weight of powder is the impressive part about whey protein. The quality is of the highest. We highly recommend whey to every one looking to build muscle or lose fat.

We also recommend it for sports specific types of training, such as football, basketball and track and field activities etc.

The Best Whey Protein 

An important fact to remember when selecting a whey protein powder is to know that not all whey is made the same. You can find out more about it in our Best Muscle Building Supplements article.

In short the best whey protein powder to purchase is whey isolate. This is a high grade whey protein powder.

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If you are a vegan then make it a priority to purchase either hemp protein or soya protein which does not include any animal product.

Egg White Protein

Egg white protein
Egg white protein

This type of protein was the most popular back in the days. Eggs were and still regarded today as one of the highest source of protein. The egg white specifically in the egg has larger amount of protein and virtually no fat.

The problem which many bodybuilders faced were eggs were also high in fat and cholesterol. When cutting and trying to get lean eggs provided too much fat which was problematic. Therefore the creation of egg white protein was born and it was extremely popular.

Milk Protein

Milk Protein
Casein and milk protein

Milk protein or more commonly known as casein protein is relatively new compared egg white protein. They are become more popular but still not underrated in the fitness market.

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Milk protein derived from mainly milk which is absorbed into your body slowly.

This particular protein is vital for those hard gainers which we go into more depth in our Best Muscle Building Supplements article.

Plant Proteins

Soy protein
Plant protein

Plant proteins have evolved tremendously over the years. For vegetarians and especially vegans their biggest difficulty is eating enough protein in their diet. Beans, pulses and grains do have adequate amounts of protein but they also have large amounts of carbohydrates in them. This makes it difficult to build muscle and become lean.

Plant proteins are derived from pulses, seeds, grains and more. They provide protein without the high quantity of carbs.

Soya protein being the most popular and rice protein. Hemp protein and soya protein provide the highest quality as they are two most unique type of vegan protein powder that contains the 8 essential amino acids.

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This is essential for vegans that one to build muscle mainly because vegan diets generally lack not only protein but the essential amino acids that aids muscle growth.

The best protein powders if you are a vegan, we recommend either soya protein or hemp protein. If you are a vegetarian then the best protein shake is whey all the way.

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When to Take Protein Shakes

Now that we have established the importance of protein powders when should you actually consume your protein powder? Should you have it with milk or water?

protein powder and shaker
Protein powder

Post Workout

The best time to consume your protein shake is straight after your workout. This is the simple answer. It is important to know when drinking your protein shake the timing is crucial.

The best time to drink your protein shake as already mentioned is post workout. That is if you can only afford to have a shake once a day.

The sole reason why consuming your protein powder just after your workout is to recuperate. Your body has used plenty of energy and glycogen during your workout so it is vital to replenish it with a good protein shake.


Drinking your protein shake first thing in the morning is also very important. The reason being is at night when you sleep your body is deprived of any food including protein for many hours.

So it is wise to consume protein in the morning to replenish what the body has been deprived of for several hours.

For the purpose for your body to sustain muscle is to constantly feed your body with protein throughout the day. To ensure this have a high quality protein powder with breakfast or have a big breakfast, high in protein.

Night Time

Consuming protein at night is also a smart habit to get into for the same reason that you have a shake first thing in the morning.

If you already know that before you sleep your body will be denied food and protein what would you do? Simple, mix some some protein powder before bed and drink it.

For hard gainers we highly recommend having milk/casein protein at night due to its slow absorption abilities.

Drinking Protein Shake with Milk or Water?

For the most part many of you reading this article are trying to build muscle and put on weight we highly recommend mixing your protein powder with milk as there are extra calories and protein in milk.

If your goal is to put on lean muscle mass without fat then stick to mixing your protein powder with just water.

Protein powder tub
Protein powder usually comes in a tub

Mixing your protein powder with milk is beneficial as milk is high in sugar and that causes an insulin spike to occur which allows your body to absorb the protein faster. Milk however can make you feel bloated and can lead to gain in belly fat.

Best Tips on Using Protein Shakes

Have a shake its great!
Have a shake its great!

This a quick summary and our tips when it comes to using protein shakes. The first thing I want to mention was as kid I was afraid of taking protein shakes. Silly?

I was unsure wether consuming protein powder was actually healthy or not. But stupidly I was more concerned that they were like some sort of performance enhancing drug.

Protein Powder Myth

I believed as a child that by taking protein shakes and training will automatically change you into a massive bodybuilder. For some naive reason as a kid I thought taking protein shakes was cheating, I thought that you couldn’t be classed as a natural bodybuilder by taking them.

Decades have passed and I think back to my old beliefs about protein shakes. I think it was lack of knowledge and experience that led me to think about these protein myths.

The funny thing is that many people still think like that. I am not referring to children that is. There has been countless occasions in which I was asked how did I get to where I am now. And upon confirming that I do use protein supplements it kind of confirms their protein beliefs.

With a little bit of education and they understand that protein powders are just supplements and are not important as your actual diet.

Protein Powder Tips:

  • Do not use protein shakes to replace healthy meals. Protein shakes are supplements and they are there to supply you with additional protein in your diet. You cannot replace a high protein healthy meal for any protein shake.
  • Mix and drink your protein powder straight after your workout
  • Buy the best quality protein powder. You know the saying: “you are what you eat” which is true so only the best quality protein should be consumed. That goes for food and protein powders.
  • Best protein powder is whey protein for those that workout
  • Best protein powder for hardgainers that are already consuming whey or another protein powder is to purchase casein/milk protein which should be taken just before bed.

Protein powders are the staple of any fitness goal. Protein powders are only the beginning. Protein is only one supplement, there are a handful of supplements that you can really benefit from.

To enhance your fitness even further and to really improve your physique we recommend reading our Best Muscle Building Supplements article. We explore the best muscle building supplants and reveal those that are not as effective.

There you have it. Whey protein is believed by the majority of the fitness industry as the best protein powder. It is used by all types of athletes and is actually very affordable.

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