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Arnold Schwarzenegger Criticise Todays Bodybuilding

Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Arnold classics 2015 talks about the bodybuilding ideals of today.

Arnold says ignore his 7 time Mr. Olympia status. If you look at bodybuilders in the perspective of a judge you should only ask yourself one question:

“Who’s body do I want to have? That’s what it comes down to.” Arnold Schwarzenegger 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger expresses his views of contemporary bodybuilding and criticise today’s bodybuilders.

We definitely agree with Arnold’s opinions here. At the end of the day who’s body would you like to have? If you want that guy’s physique, then automatically you have given him that utmost respect.

That respect of hard work and dedication that he has spent countless hours building his body. Not to forget the discipline he had to endure with diet and nutrition to attain that aesthetic physique.

In the Golden Era of bodybuilding everyone wanted to look like Mr. Olympia. Back then you truly respected and admired the physique of the crowned Mr. Olympia. This respect and admiration needs to be reflected in today’s bodybuilding.

Bodybuilders of The Golden Era And Bodybuilders of Today

Arnold Schwarzenegger Criticise Todays Bodybuilding by describing the look of bodybuilder’s back in Schwarzenegger’s time and right now.

“It used to be, you used to have a V shaped body, now I don’t know it’s like kind of a bottle shaped body or something like that.” Arnold Schwarzenegger 2015

Bodybuilders back then had the V-taper and extraordinary muscle definition. They were lean and full of muscle with great symmetry. The body that many of us continue to admire and try attain even today.

However look at bodybuilders today? They are ridiculously huge and many lack the conditioning on stage. We prefer the Golden Era look of bodybuilders with names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva, Mike Mentzer and Franco Columbo to mention just a the few.

The physiques of bodybuilders of the Golden Era represented the greek gods and even redefined it. It was a sight to be seen and something to admire.

Bodybuilding Is Getting Too Big

The sport of bodybuilding is growing but it has not reached its full potential in growth. Fact remains that the only big thing about bodybuilding are today’s bodybuilders. They are far too big with some of the most popular bodybuilders have their guts hanging out. More about the fat guts in a moment.

We are not saying we do not like big bodybuilders, because being bigger in terms of muscle mass is impressive, Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates demonstrated extraordinary size. They were great mass monsters of bodybuilding with a combination of size and excellent conditioning.

They were both huge with phenomenal muscle definition with size. Dorian Yates’ back in the 1996 Germany Grand Prix and such a well defined back with unbelievable size. Dorian had arguably the best back of bodybuilding.

In last 10 years of bodybuilding it seems that the industry has become obsessed with getting bigger. This in turns mean that muscle conditioning is left out the window and completely forgotten.

Bodybuilders training to become the next best thing train to get bigger. Increasing size is there sole priority. You cannot blame them because the way the industry is going. If they turned up with great conditioning but they didn’t possess the ridiculous size then they would not even qualify. This needs to change.

Bodybuilders Look Pregnant

Bodybuilding and big guts. These words should never be in same sentence. Bodybuilders of today and their big guts, this is just inexcusable. Bodybuilders are suppose to represent looking healthy and having a muscular physique.

Nowadays they look pregnant, what on earth is going on? These days bodybuilders get on stage and they pose for a few minutes and they are out of breath. I would be disgusted with myself if I got out breath that easily.

Bodybuilders are known to have a reputation of being huge with large amounts of muscle mass. If you were to ask anyone to describe a bodybuilder then the word muscle will always be mentioned. Nowadays have Bodybuilder’s reputation been tarnished?

Bodybuilding as a Sport

Though there has been bad press about bodybuilding in recent years the sport has however grown since the 1960’s. We are huge fans of bodybuilding. We live and breath the sport. Natural bodybuilding has such rewards from health improvement to body improvement. For many it helps them boost self esteem.

To body build is to create a masterpiece. Artists spend countless hours producing their finest work on the canvas. The difference between artists and bodybuilders are that for bodybuilders, the canvas is the human body. With consistency and dedication the human physique becomes the masterpiece.

In the past bodybuilding has showed the world what the human body is capable of achieving. It showed that there was no limit to what the human body can achieve. Nowadays things have slipped and instead of representing the human body in a beautiful light it has made it become bit of a freak show.

The freakishly sized bodies with huge guts send negative messages to youngsters. I am no means an ambassador of bodybuilding but if I was, then I would want to inspire the public. I will do my absolute best to be an inspiration and a role model.

The repeated bad health and appalling conditioning of bodybuilders has no doubt damaged the sport of bodybuilding. The sport of bodybuilding right now might be the most popular it has even been before, but if this continues then bodybuilding will decline.

There needs to be a change. In order to change the important people of the sport such as judges, sport sponsors and even the bodybuilders need to speak out. This cannot continue.

Bodybuilding Conclusion

How can a ‘bodybuilder’ be referred as bodybuilder when his gut is as big as a pregnant woman. This isn’t acceptable and in fact bodybuilders walking on stage in this type of condition needs to get disqualified and lose their sponsorship.

“I don’t care if your name is Phil Heath, you are disqualified, that belly is not on bro.”

The current Mr Olympia Phil Health has sadly demonstrated the pregnant gut also. We hope bodybuilders begin fixing this horrific issue.

Remember that it does not matter how good you look during posing. One has to look good at all times on that stage regardless if the cameras are on or off.

Tell us your views on this topic and what you feel could be done to improve bodybuilding as a whole. Let us know about your thoughts on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech is right or is he wrong?

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