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adidas Power Perfect 2 Review

Top Weightlifting Shoe

Regarded as one of the best weightlifting shoes are the adidas Power Perfect 2. This article is about our review on the adidas Power Perfect 2 weightlifting shoes in which I will go into substantial depth.

We discuss the design and construction of the shoes and overall PROS and CONS. This is review is based on mainly our own experience and from consumers and their feedback.

adidas Power Perfect 2 Review
adidas Power Perfect 2 Review

AVERAGE CUSTOMER RATING: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

The Power Perfect IIs are a great investment for anyone looking to get serious about their training. Not only will it help you avoid future posture problems but it will also allow you to focus 100% on your muscle contractions during your exercise.

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adidas Power Perfect 2 Specification

 1. adidas Power Perfect 2
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Heel Height3.5cm
ClosureHook and Loop
Comfort 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
Colours(White: Black/Red)
Shoe Size
True size
Price>>Check Price<<

My Weightlifting Shoe Experience

First and foremost let me tell you a bit about myself…

Bodybuilding is my forte, however I am no stranger to strength and powerlifting. In my early years I have trained without the use of any weightlifting shoes in which I tremendously regretted.

I developed anterior tilt which meant at the time my glutes and hip flexors were weak. This impacted my training and physique immensely. This was due to squatting without weightlifting shoes which caused poor hip mobility and ankle flexibility.

I became weaker in all my lifts such as squats, deadlifts and anything involving my torso bending over (barbell bentover rows, T-bar rows etc).

To cut the story short I decided to invest in weightlifting shoes and it was the best purchase decision I ever made. It helped me regain my strength and also improved my hip mobility. Squat shoes as they are also referred to, gave my hips more range of movement.

Why Use Weightlifting Shoes?

Weightlifting shoes have been around for almost half a century. They have impacted powerlifting and today’s bodybuilding massively.

Just like any other sports, if you’re serious about football then you would buy a good pair of football boots. Bodybuilding and weightlifting is no different. Weightlifting shoes are designed to help you perform optimally on your given exercises.

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Quite simply, weightlifting shoes will help you increase the amount of weight that you can lift on your major lifts (squats, cleans and deadlifts etc).

Don’t get me wrong, Olympic shoes or squat shoes aren’t magical in anyway. It’s purely the construction and the physics of the shoes which immediately increases one’s ability to lift more weight in almost every lifter that wears them.

That’s not to say that if you buy a pair of weightlifting shoes you will automatically become stronger. However most people notice they can lift more weight straight away, some take a few weeks to feel the benefits.

Benefits of The adidas Power Perfect 2

These are benefits of using the adidas Power Perfect II shoes:

  • Increase strength on major compound exercises
  • Improves exercise form and technique
  • Helps people with poor hip mobility exercise more comfortably
  • Allows people with poor ankle flexibility to go deeper in squats
  • Provides improved balance and stability
  • Weightlifting shoes places your body and spine in a safer position during your lifts – reducing chance of injury


This is a fresh photo of what you would expect to see when opening the box.

adidas Power Perfect 2 unboxed
adidas Power Perfect 2 unboxed

Lets have a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Lightweight: The exact weight differs depending on shoe size but as a whole the shoes feel very light. Like most weightlifting shoes that tend to weigh you down from heavy wooden heels and sole.
  2. Additional heel height: An elevated heel height of 1.38 inches or 3.5cm. This height is measured from the bottom of the shoes to where your feet makes contact to the insole. Majority of weightlifting shoe brands have an average heel height of 0.6 inches, 1.5cm which is similar to regular running trainers.
  3. Solid construction: High quality synthetic material used throughout with high density wedge heel. 
  4. Extremely stable: Due to a highly dense heel the shoes can withstand an extraordinary amount of weight. The heel has little to no compression during the use of heavy loads.
  5. Sticky sole: The rubberised sole gives the shoe excellent grip which is an integral part of safety and stability when lifting weights.


  1. Moderate price: The cost of Adidas Power Perfect 2s are priced moderately. Anywhere from £75-100 is the price you are expected to pay. Click Here if you want to purchase them at the best priceSo for some this price range is too much for those on a tight budget. The shoes are worth the price.
  2. Single colour selection: The Power Perfect IIs are only available in one colour which can be seen as CON for some.

About adidas’ Sports Specialty

adidas are a renown sports brand. They have stepped their dedication to sports even further by creating a specialty sports section. This includes sports such as weightlifting/bodybuilding, wrestling, basketball and track & field.

They are recognised for their high quality sports clothing, sports equipment and footwear. They have a worldwide reputation for producing astonishing football boots and that reputation have transferred over to their production of weightlifting shoes and other specialty sports.

Design & Construction

Upon first glance of the adidas Power Perfect IIs they look similar to regular running/sport trainers. When looking up close it is clear that the Power Perfects are a perfect design for weightlifting.

The Body Material

The body of shoe is made from synthetic fabrics with pierced holes throughout. The synthetic fabrics are used to create a simultaneous effect of good durability and lightweight.

The inside of the shoe is lined with air mesh providing breathability.

Shoe Tongue

Soft mesh tongue which provides comfort unlike other weightlifting or squat shoes that suffocates your tarsal making it too tight and unbearable.

EVA Wedge Heel

The heel is made from a combination of synthetic leather and strong EVA foam like material with virtually no compression.

The heel and base of the shoe is extremely dense therefore withstanding big loads on your heavy lifts.

The EVA wedge heel is water resistant, corrosion resistant and has a high toughness and good shock cushioning. Corrosion resistance means that the heel’s structure will not be affected by acids, oils, fats and other chemicals. Which can found in bleach, washing detergents and even soft drinks.

Heel Height

adidas Power Perfect 2 Heel Height
adidas Power Perfect 2 heel height

From many sources they claim that the heel of the adidas Power Perfect 2s are 0.75 inches. This is false I measured it to be an easy 1.38 inches which is a height of 3.5cm.


adidas Power Perfect 2 soles

The soles are made from a strong and abrasive rubber material. This is the definitive reason for Power Perfect’s sensational grip.

Power Perfect II Shoe Size

The adidas Power Perfect II holds true to foot size. So if you are UK sized 10 then buy the size 10. The Power Perfect II in comparison to Aidipowers are about 0.25 inches wider (just over half a centimetre). However if you have wide feet I would highly suggest purchasing a pair half a size up to your normal foot size.

Shoe Closure

The adidas Power Perfect 2 features traditional lacing system with two loops on and through the tongue. By having the lace loop through the tongue, it holds the tongue steady in place with no room for movement during workouts.

adidas Power Perfect 2 closure and strap
adidas Power Perfect 2 closure and strap

The shoe has a single hook with one sturdy velcro strap. The position of the strap is placed on the mid section of the tarsal. Unlike other weightlifting shoes the strap does not dig in or cause annoyance to my tarsals. It was perfectly comfortable.

When to Use the Power Perfect 2s?

The adidas Power Perfects are classed as Olympic shoes, weightlifting shoes and also squat shoes. My personal views are to use them only for weightlifting.

As stated these shoes are designed for weightlifting so one can perform optimally. If you have cardio exercise within your workouts that consist of running or skipping then bring another pair of trainers.

It may seem like a hassle but running shoes are designed for running and weightlifting shoes are designed for weightlifting. The gains are truly worth it. These shoes should be only used for weightlifting/bodybuilding. They do not have enough flexibility to use them for running etc.

Final Thoughts

One of the best weightlifting shoes on the market is definitely the adidas Power Perfect 2. They come at medium price range with premium quality.

They’re best suited for any lifter looking to take the next step. I also highly recommend them for even beginners starting to commit.

The shoes are of high quality with a great price tag. They are no huge benefits from purchasing the higher end weightlifting shoes that cost around £150-200.

How Do The Shoes Feel?

Many good weightlifting shoes do a great job for the purpose of bodybuilding and powerlifting. However the main issues with most brands are that these Olympic shoes are too rigid and stiff. Yes they can handle extreme weight but at the cost of blistering your feet.

The Power Perfects caters a combination of that Olympic feel yet also providing similar comfort to regular running trainers.

For those that have never worn weightlifting shoes before this is what you should expect in terms of comfortability.

Initially any high quality weightlifting shoe should feel a tad bit uncomfortable, in a sense that they are slightly stiff. The best way to explain the feeling is like if you are wearing ice-skating shoes for the first time. Of course good weight lifting shoes do feel no way near as uncomfortable as ice-skating shoes.

Weighting shoes can feel painful so it is essential that you find the right one. Let me assure you that the adidas Power Perfect IIs will not disappoint in terms of comfort and performance.

Promoting Better Posture and Getting Stronger

As I mentioned early on in this article that I had anterior tilt, weak glutes, poor hip mobility and lacked ankle flexibility.

I have become such stronger than I ever was before and I have my body imbalances thanks to the help of weightlifting shoes.

Power Perfects they have allowed me to train at the same level and more for years. When my old Olympic shoes broke about a year ago I tried training without any Olympic shoes. Guess what happened? I started to fall back to the same habits.

Remember that these gym shoes were ideal for me in terms of quality and price. However we all different and we have compiled a list of the Top 5 Best Weightlifting Shoes for those that want more options.

After purchasing these shoes on my very first day of using them I noticed a significant difference in my squat strength.

The extra elevation in the heels gave my body that natural squatting stance that aided me on pushing heavier weights. These heels on the adidas Power Perfect II are higher then any other weightlifting shoe on the market despite what other reviews and manufacturers state.

It is certainly worth considering these shoes if building muscle or gaining strength is your goal.

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I must be honest that it wasn’t just the help of these excellent shoes that helped me fix my posture. I also foam rolled several times a week. This was vital in alleviating weak and tight muscles.

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