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Welcome to NATION IRON (www.nationiron.com)

This site is dedicated towards helping anyone that wants to change their body for the better. Whatever your fitness goal: from bodybuilding, losing body fat or to be beach body ready and shredded then I will help you on your journey.

I am a qualified Personal Trainer, with years of invaluable experience. I respect the art of personal training and the passion that the best personal trainers give to their clients but I do not want to train just one client. This the ultimate reason why I have built this website to help everyone around the world.

Certified Personal Trainer - Khang Le

Here at Nation Iron we want everyone to learn how to improve their physiques. Nation Iron explains the most advance techniques to the most basic to encourage and motivate everyone to train and live active lifestyles. Whether you are a beginner or someone that is advance with decades of fitness experience, we invite all.

We bring to you the latest and most innovative way to build muscle and to enhance your fitness.

We also recommend the best fitness products and reveal ones that are missleading that are completely useless but sold in the millions by major multi millionaire companies.