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10 Reason Why You’re Not Making Gains

Everyone’s Making Gains But Not Me

Making muscle gains isn’t as simple as you think. If it is was that easy then in today’s 21st century you would see muscular physiques everywhere in your local streets. However nowadays more and more people are achieving this.

Truth be told that a high population of these people with over extraordinary bodies, use some sort of performance enhancing drug. These could be the likes of steroids, human growth hormone or maybe testosterone.

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But here are the 10 reasons why most people are not improving and making gains in order to grow…

10 Reasons Why You’re Not Making Gains

Here are 10 reasons why you’re not making gains. The 10 points described in this article will help you correct common mistakes. Make sure you are not making these errors but if you do learn and start making gains today.

1. No Workout Plan

You don’t plan or have a workout schedule. So many people go into the gym and expect to make gains by doing random exercises. They have no set plan and do whatever they feel like. For example he/she might decide to do some curls and then maybe jump into some lat pull downs.

Making gains or building muscle isn’t rocket science but you cannot just improvise unless you know what you are doing. This is the first reason why you’re not making gains. The first step is to plan your fitness goal. Think and really decide what you want from your training. Training with a purpose is probably the most important factor about making gains.

The second point about plan is to then pick a workout routine and at this point any workout routine is better that no routine. There is no doubt that there are routines that are far superior than others but the first step is to chose one that shares your fitness goals.

Keep a Log

Once you have a workout routine the next step is to keep a long of your workouts. Things to pay particular attention to are: your chosen exercises, sets, reps, rest period and order of exercises. Keeping this information is essential in order to make progression.

This is an example of how to keep a training log. The layout of the log is irrelevant as it is for whatever suits you best.

Also if you are truly serious about making gains then keep a log of the food you eat.

2. Inadequate Sleep or and Rest

You are not sleeping or resting enough. Sleeping and resting is an underrated aspect of training and building muscle. In actual fact sleeping enough and resting well is of huge importatance for any fitness goal.

Training too much leads to overtraining which fatiques and exhausts the body. Overtraining can even lead to mind fatique.

Sleep enough so you are well rested and rest enough days in between your workouts so your muscles are fully healed, ready for the next workout session. At least once a week try to sleep with no alarm clocks. This will ensure you are fully rested, as you will wake up naturally to your body’s own accord.

3. What Happen to Your Exercise Technique?

Your exercise form sucks! Exercise technique or form plays a vital role in making gains. For example if you are training to build bigger biceps and you decide to do bicep curls then you want to train your biceps right?

You may have seen people doing bicep curls and swinging their bodies during the exercise. Its usually with a heavy weight that they curl the bar with such bad form “ego lifting”. That is called cheating yourself and yes you are at least doing something but it is wrong.

Video of a man caught red handed on camera doing bicep curls all wrong. Gym fail!

This is a perfect example of how NOT to do bicep curls and it demonstrates the point that we are trying to make. Exercise form is crucial. If you want to build bigger biceps then you do bicep curls correclyt not let momentum of your body take over. The exercise is called a bicep curl therefore curl the weights with your biceps not your body.

Good exercise technique applies to every exercise so make sure you revise the exercise form and execute them correctly to achieve the gains you want to make.

So master you exercise form and technique and that will improve your gains drastically.

4. You Just Go Through the Motion

When your training you are not focused on the muscles that you are working. Going through the motion and lifting weights is not enough.

Muscle-mind-connection is something all bodybuilders need to learn and to master to seriously make gains and to continually progress. For novice lifters you will not be able understand or control this muscle mind connection.

What it means is having the ability to control your muscle contractions during each rep of exercise. In scientific terms when you move any part of your body your brain is the one in control. When you perform a tricep curl for example, our brain consciously tells your muscle by a giving a signal to it to contract.

This signal is what you call muscle mind connection. The better you can improve the communication between brain and muscle the more muscle fibres you can recruit during an exercise.

muscle mind connection to achieve unimaginable gains

Recruiting more muscle fibres during each exercise translate to making more muscle gains.

5. Workout Duration

You are spending far too much time in the gym or your training session is ridiculously long.

The reason why you’re not making gains is because your workout is too long which causes too much muscle breakdown. Your exercise duration needs to monitored appropriately to build muscle optimally.

When you exercise and train, your body is in a catabolic state. This basically means your muscles are breaking down during your workout sessions.

“But doesn’t hitting the weights build muscle?”

“Yes. When you exercise your muscles break down due to stress and then when you sleep and rest it rebuilds itself and grow.”

If you are training for too long, not only are you experiencing muscle breakdown but you are adding additional stress to your body. Being overly stressed causes muscle loss.

To make gains what you want to do is get into the gym, workout and then get out. Make your workout sessions brief: 45 minutes to 1 hour is all you need (1 hour and 30 minutes is the absolute max).

6. You Are Not Training Enough

Your traing frequency is lacking. Train regularly at least three times a week if you want to make visible gains. If you train less than three days then the muscle groups that you have worked on would have fully recovered way before your next training session.

Working out too little, leaves you with excessive amount of rest period between your workouts. This is not enough to challenge your body for it make any improvements and gains.

When you’ve been training for some time you may want to increase the fequency even further. Your body requires more stimulus (workout) in order to force itself into extra growth.

Training too little within a week will hinder your strength progression and muscle gains.

7. Not Being Consistent

You are not consistent with your training. Consistency of your training ties closely to the frequency of your training. Ideally you want to train for a minimum of three times a week but you will only make true gains if you are consistent with your training.

There is no point having a successful workout routine that involves you training in the gym four times a week if you only stick to it for a month.

Making gains whether that be putting on muscle mass, getting stronger or losing body fat requires dedication. This simply means being consistent with your workout.

Do not skip workout sessions. If you do then make the time up. Do that session that you owe another day just keep it within the same workout week.

8. No Supplements and Poor Diet

Why are you’re not making gains? Your diet is awful and you do not take any supplements to aid your training. Food and supplements are one of the most important factors that will allow for making gains.

The topic of what you consume is arguably the most important factor why you’re not making gains. However we cannot narrow it down to just one factor because there are so many that can ruin your improvements.

I have heard countless people train and do everything right but the ultimate reason why they’re not making gains is due to poor diet and poor choice of supplements. There are heaps of supplements that will benefit your training to help you make impressive gains.

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Feed yourself enough protein to build muscle or lose fat. If you are struggling to hit your daily protein needs then use supplements. Food as a whole is huge topic. The best place to start off is to ensure you eat enough protein. Protein is regarded as the building blocks for muscle growth.

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9. You Are Not Training Hard Enough

You’re training lacks that intensity. You are not putting your work ethics to the test.

Train at high intensities to push your body to create gains

Another training factor to consider is training intensity. Or in another words ask yourself these questions:

  • How hard are you actually training during your workouts?
  • Do you even sweat during exercise?
  • Can you complete all target reps and sets?

These are questions you need to think about and answer and then implement into your routine. You’re not making gains working out intensly enough.

If you want more information in terms of intensity then read our How to Build Muscle article

You cannot do half hearted workouts and then expect to feel the difference. Your body will only change if you force it to work hard and beyond what its used to.

10. You Skip All Exercises You Dislike

You constantly avoid exercises that you despise. Why? Are you weak in those areas or don’t you know how to perform them correctly?

The 10th reason that is causing you to not make gains is your own personal dislikes. By this we are referring to your personal training dislikes. For example you may skip certain exercises or avoid training certain muscles because you are weak in that area.

This includes avoiding certain exercises like: pullups, squats or deadlifts which reaps huge muscle building benefits.

Make your personal dislikes into likes and build a more balanced body

When we hate something we tend to avoid that something completely. So when people hate a particular exercise they eventually avoid them. This reflects on lagging body parts which usually lead to muscle imbalances and poor posture.

Whatever the reason for disliking a particular exercise you need to stop. You don’t have to necessarily like them just do them. Turn those dislikes into high priorities and implement them into your routine immediately.

The years of zero deadlifting has left your back looking flat, the years of avoiding squats have left your legs looking puny and the years of no calf training has left your calves looking like match sticks.

Do not avoid any big compound and free weight exercises as they stimulate the most muscle growth.

It’s common that these exercises are often neglected as they are extremely difficult. There are no excuses of implementing these disliked exercises into your routine. The only reason that’s allowed is avoid currently injuries or past injuries.

Final Thought

There you have it, the 10 reasons why you’re not making gains. Did any apply to you? If the answer is yes and then you know what to do. Start making some changes and then go out there and make your own gains.

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